Citizen Journalism


Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our citizen journalism page.

The website has been created to disseminate information about Dalits.

This includes incidents of atrocities and discrimination by civil society and by the government.

You are most welcome to submit reports/write-ups, pictures of such incidents to this website.

At the same time we also welcome you to contribute to this website by writing articles and expressing your opininion on various Dalit and Dalit Bahujan issues.

We also welcome you to write to us about your successes as a Dalit, even if it is small. Are you successful in bussiness? Are you successful in the arts and in literature? Are you a successful Dalit politician or activist? Are you a successful bureaucrat? If you are any of these you have a success story to write about so that other Dalits are encouraged by your story to strive to attain the same success.

Kindly send us you submissions, with images iff possible, in a word document. Kindly also ensure that your submission meets minimum standards of legible reading and writing.

Kindly submit your write-ups to, with the phrase " Submission to" in the subject line.

Since we are a non-profit organization we are not in a position to remunerate you for your submissions. However, you will be given full credit for your submission and will also have acess to our select collection of useful eBooks.

Thank you for your submissions



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